Would you pursue in sueing the company if you were me?

Is anyone familiar with labor laws or if we have any or limited ones? I have a workers comp case going because I hurt my ankle on the job and was out for 5 weeks. Well I went back on the 31st of last month worked that day and the 1st of June. Then I got up and couldn't walk Thursday morning and took myself to the hospital. They told me it had been broken when the workers comp doctor said it was just a bad strain. My leg blew up 4 times the size of my other leg and it was bruised all over. They are trying to say I have broken it before and not at work but that's a lie cuz I've never broken a bone in my life. Long story short.. They didn't pay me because my leave of absence was scheduled to be over on June 1st and since I came back may 31st HUMAN RESOURCES said they can't pay me the money for that day EVEN though i worked because I'm out on workman's comp again cuz their doctor released me and my ankle wasn't all the way better. They said they won't pay me until I come back to work. Sorry for the long story but didn't want to leave details out. I am so angry and frustrated by this whole situation and I'm in contact with a lawyer at this time.