Our baby if finally here💙

Yesterday at 8:50 am my water broke! I immediately went into L&D and they said it sure was and I was in active labor. I also have preeclampsia so that made things pretty difficult with being in labor. Tons of meds to keep my BP regular which still didn't work at times. Finally got the epidural and that was excruciating!! By that time, my contractions were just a minute apart and lasting a minute also, it was so bad. After they got that done and over with, I started feeling incredible. Then it was time to check me and by the time midnight rolled around, I was finally at 10cm and ready to push!! I pushed as hard as my body could but we weren't making any progress, I pushed for 6 1/2 hours before they decided to try using the vacuum. They brought it out and got it all set up and it was actually working for a minute. Every push with the vacuum was bringing him a tiny bit closer but then he got stuck behind my pelvic bone and he would not move. I pushed for another hour just to see if I could get him to budge but there was no hope. Finally they just decided to do an emergency C Section which was not pleasant. I was throwing up horribly because them messing with my uterus made me so horrible nauseous. We did what we had to do and now we have our baby boy in our arms💙 Born at around 8am June 9th, 2016. 7lbs 8oz. and 20 and 1/2 inches long. I'm the happiest person ever right now. Even though it's going to be pretty bad to recover from my c section, I have my loving boyfriend and my beautiful son to get me through anything.