I want to share my story

So for a long time I thought I couldn't get pregnant. With years of unprotected sex and no birth control and several attempts to get pregnant with no success I just felt in my heart that I would never be a mother. I will be 28 years old June 30th. On April 2 this year I lost my big brother to his addictions. It was and is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my entire life... I was literally grieving myself into insanity. I just didn't know how I was going to cope. Over the last few years of his life I had separated myself from him almost completely. It was too hard to watch him destroy himself. And then he was gone. I felt more guilt and anger than I had ever felt in my life. I prayed to God for help... I prayed for my brother... I begged God to give him another chance. I begged him to please at last give my brother peace.. to please take him home with him. Allow him to rest in peace in heaven. I still had a hard time believing that it could be so. And then 2 months to the day of my brother passing away I got a positive pregnancy test. It was all the answers I was looking for. God answered me in the biggest loudest way he possibly could! I know my brother is with him and I know he blessed me with this baby knowing it would be the only thing that could save me from my grief. I truly believe my brother is in heaven with our Lord Jesus and our father God and he told them this is what I needed. I will forever be thankful. My brothers life was taken but now he will get his first niece or nephew and he will be the best guardian angel anyone has ever had. I miss him so much but then I look down at this tiny bump and I realize he is still with me... and he is stronger now than ever. Rest in peace brandon. And thank you!