I'm so done

Nothing is gonna work out. It's just not. Our son will be here next month and nothing is working for us. We tried getting a house, my husband's mom said it was too much. Last night our boss said he might be evicting the tenant in his house, so I said my husband and I want it. It's 550/month. The other house we were looking at was 675 for a 3 bed, this one is only 2 bedroom, but it's nicer than the 3 bedroom. And bigger. So we told her, she has an issue with that one too. But like we said last night, we're done being told our decisions are wrong and impractical. The landlord is our boss, come on! He knows how much rent is and even said he'd up our hours (I had planned on staying home after I have my son, but I'm going to put my big girl panties on and do what I have to do for my child). I'm done with everything and everyone, his mom wanted to stay with us to get away from her boyfriend, but I don't think that's gonna happen now since she has issues with everything we find no matter where it is. At first 500 was a good price for a house, then she learned of one for 400 and suddenly decided paying more than that is outrageous. Mind you that's the only house I've heard of being that cheap that isn't a HUD housing. At least around here. I'm so mad right now because nothing is going to work for us since we started staying with them. It wouldn't have even happened if we hadn't needed somewhere to go at the time, and since then it's been one excuse after another why this or that can't be done. My husband loves his mom, he used to get into fights if someone said something about her, but she's pissing him off too, bad. And that's saying something since he used to get along great with her. I guess he just grew up and realized she wants an opinion on everything that isn't her business. We didn't tell her though that our boss is trying to buy another store and is giving my husband a raise and he'll manage the other store. Because she has an issue with her son doing anything that puts him in a responsible position. No wonder he didn't know anything about being a grown man when we got together. I'm just venting now, I'm so angry and upset with this whole situation that could have been avoided had it not been something we had to do just because of our old situation when we had a house, but we couldn't afford that rent on our own and had roommates and they got into trouble so everyone got evicted.