Need some advice!

Quyen • Diagnosed with Unexplained infertiity. 4 years trying.
So I'm 21, and I got married last Sept. Things have been great, and he is in the military so I moved away to be with him. But my parents own a nail business back home and they recently became short handed & asked me to move back to help them. I want to help them, but I do NOT want to move back home with them especially if my husband is active duty and is stationed in another state. My mom has been guilting me and tell me I don't love her anymore but I do. I've been helping them at the shop for the last 5 months now and only come home for a week to see my husband at the end of every month. It makes me sad cause he's been lonely but very patient by letting me be here to help my parents. But I am ready to go. I miss him so much. We have never been separated for this long and we've been together 4 years now. I also know that I'm suppose to put my husband first which I want to do, but I feel obligated to help my parents and they're constantly making me feel bad. My husband is ready for me to come back & I am too.. What should I do?? :/