I need advice !

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years ! This year will be going into 4..we met at work.I love him and we have already talked about settled down together and starting our family ! My entire family has met him already and love him ! So here's the problem, we have been together 3 yrs and I have never met his family, not that he doesn't want me to met them..except for one of his uncles whom worked with us. He was so nice to me when I started working there but the minute he found out me and him were dating the story changed he used to treat me like crap and one day I went to ask him a question regarding work and he was with another coworker and he looked at my coworker and said "why did we have to hire a black person, there so annoying" mind you I'm Mexican and yeah I'm kinda dark ! I turned around and walked away I rushed to the bathroom and cried my eyes out ! Now this Saturday my bf wants me to meet his family since they all live in Mexicali and are coming down here to visit but I have grown resentment towards them for what happend and I feel like his uncle has gone and talked shit about me to them ! So please help what do I do !!!