My story--@due 6/15

Induction was scheduled for Friday June 17 with a folly ball to start dialation Thurs evening 6/16 at 8pm . Started keeping track of contractions around 9pm tuesday evening as they progressed with a contraction timer app....went to hospital at midnight after calling my measured at 2am, 3cm...i was nothing on monday at office. Got admitted and set up with some nubane so we could catch some sleep before my doc was to arrive at 7am...he walked in 20 mins later at 430am and i was 6-7cm so we broke my water...Went to 10cm just breathing through contractions with nubane for the edge..only a few were level 10 pain... no epidural. pushed for an hour and a half at 7ish am and ran out of energy and at that point, was in so much pain we begged for an alternative bc he said id need to push at least another hour most spinal tap through worst contractions of my life and she finally arrived via c section at 10:01 am...on her due date lol 6/15/16 8lbs 15oz 22in long. She was facing up which is why she didnt engage after all that pushing. I could have pushed 3 more hours and she most likely wouldnt have come naturally i def experienced just about every kind of labor pain and it was the most difficult thing of my entire life. I regreted getting an epidural too early with my 8 yr old daughter (also arrived on her due date) and wanted to really see what i could do this time. And for that I wouldnt take it back for one second♡ jordyn is happy and healthy and beautiful!! Her big sister cant get enough... I also got to do skin to skin in recovery as soon as surgery was finished!