so irritated at fiancé!

andrea • TTC #2
sooo my fiancé is a truck driver. he is literally gone Monday through Friday every week. This week he got today (Friday) off because I am being induced on Sunday because my son has a congenital heart defect that has caused him to stop growing. literally all I wanted to do today was go do something during our last 48 hours without having to worry about baby. he didn't feel like it this morning so I let him sit around and watch TV all morning. then when my parents invite us to a going away party for one of the athletes at their gym, my fiancé decides to take a nap! it's 5:00! so I have literally done nothing all day. and now tomorrow I have to go sit at a graduation party for his nephew and be the only person who doesn't speak Spanish. so much for my last 48 hours of freedom.