What could cause this?? Not normal for me

Hi everyone.
We ttc now for about 6 months. I get my period exactly every 28 days and on CD 15 my breast starts hurting so I know ovulation occured. I also get clear and visible CM around ovulation. Last month I had crazy PMS symptoms and I was thinking I might be pregnant - but instead my period showed up 5 days early (never happens before) and was so much stronger then usual. Like I said I never had that happen before. 
Because of all that I decided to by an ovulation kit   For this month just to make sure I am still regular. But I am on CD 14 and nothing happend so far. No LH sure, creamy CM and breast feels normal... What is going on . Does this mean I will not ovulate this cycle? What could have caused this change? Glow is saying I am ovulation today but no LH surge on the OPKs.... I am so confused