I think my bf might be cheating😥🔪

So about 2 months ago my BF & I agreed to get rid of IG due to it creating problems between us. He got it back without telling me anything about it about a month ago. Once he got caught he gave me some stupid excuse as to why he got it back and said he'd get rid of it. He did but then about 2 weeks later got it back a 2nd time without telling me again!😠 this time around he said it was because he was bored. so I got I got upset & told him about it he then responded differently this 2nd time so carelessly as if it was no big deal & for the past 2 weeks he's been kind of off than usual. He gives me this weird vibe through text as if he doesn't really care to talk to me than usual. I told him how I felt and he said that lately he feels unappreciated but I don't understand how if I'm not acting or doing anything different on my end, I give my full attention to him and constantly tell him how much I love him & bottom line I'm committed to this guy. Usually when somethings bothering him he'll talk it out with me but these past 2 weeks he just doesn't seem to care. Now idk if he's just stressed from his new promotion or if something might be going on. What do you guys think😞