Love triangle and boyfriend issues

Hollie • People will stare. Make it worth their while 😍
Hey guys I need your advice on what I should do with my boyfriend and his best mate!!!
Guys I'm currently going out with my boyfriend Josh and he says he loves me to the moon and beyond, he's always made me happy. Then there's his best mate Kelley, that he lives with, he's also started developing feelings for me!! What should I do?! 
My boyfriend has a past of getting with girls and hooking up with them, but everyone he knows including his mother have all said he's changed and he's at peace when he's with me. Josh has told me thing he wouldn't of told anyone else! But recently I've been told he's not interested in me anymore and is just going to "tap and go" (I'm still a virgin) with me.
In the other hand his mate is really sweet and has always been there for me whenever I needed the help. His kind and caring and is real straight up with anyone and everyone. He's the type of guy who is loyal and doesn't judge a girl for what they look like.
What should I do girls?? Dump my boyfriend and move on or stay with him and see if he's using me or not. I've been hurt before by another man and I don't want to go through that again.