What the *cheese it* is going on?!?!?!

TMI!!!!! I JUST discovered that I have thrush...... Of the skin........ Down there but not all over.

📖STORY TIME! 📖 pull up a chair because it might take a while.

Once upon a time there was a lady who had never had a yeast infection in he who life. She currently in her early 20's. The lady was on her cycle and it is usually very heavy. She used her menstrual cup during both day and night but at night she used a pad for back up just in case she didn't get up in time before he cup ran over. Oh no! She ran out of her favorite pads! She had a huge stash of maxi pads that she never really used so she decided to use them. One night she notices a little discomfort. She started to feel a little irritated down there near the opening of her vagina but she figured it would go away. The next day it gets worse but she continued using that stash of maxi pads. That night she gives up! She is so irritated down there to the point that her labia minoria have both swollen up 5 times it's original size. It hurt for her to have anything touching it such as clothing items, to walk, to sit, and to have her legs even semi close together. They stayed swollen for 2 days. She also discovered she had a yeast infection. She decided to have a look down there using a mirror and she seen hives. She determined that she was allergic to the pads. The swelling goes away. She constantly tries to get rid of the yeast infection but it won't go away. She start using Google to find out if there is something else going on. Still doesn't get any good information. The hives go away but now there are new bumps. They are big and much redder with more discomfort. She then Google's "thrush" of the skin. PERFECT MATCH!!!! One problem..... The thrush is on the skin from her spleen to her vaginal opening on her inner thighs. Now she needs YOUR help!

Now that you're up to speed.... How do you get rid of thrush when you have it in that particular area that is constantly being surrounded by wetness due to cm that is dripping like water and sweat from working out? I can't get rid of my inner yeast infection because I have it on both the inner and outer of my body in the same area. I ONLY wear cotton panties so I know that material not the problem.

I was thinking maybe going out and purchasing adult diapers and sprinkling them with corn starch to help dry out the thrush during the day and going commando at night. (Adult diapers because the agents that are used to soak up bodily fluids might could help with drying it out as well?) All while focusing on getting rid of the vaginal yeast infection.

Do you all think it'll work? Any suggestions? Have you ever had this problem? Should I try another way?

I already have an appointment to see the ob/gyn but it's not until sometime mid July. This problem been going on since June 1st. I'm not going to make it to mid July with this problem because it's getting worse but they won't take me in at an earlier date.