Shandy • Due 7-3 with 1st son currently have 4 yr old daughter! First one was c section. This is an unmedicated Vbac attempt.

Im currently laying on my left side relaxing waiting for bby to move! I woke up this morning being able to turn without pain feeling no pressure or weight from him and got to thinking. All Friday & Thursday all i felt were a whole bunch of braxtons but no kicking!

So ive eaten a plate of strawberries raspberries n a banana w PB. I felt a very small fluter but it was like a flutter. Could have been gas.( Because im gassy RN)

If he does move soon I'm calling in to be monitored.

**UPDATE: Baby is still good. His heartrate doesnt react as much as the want ( when he moves his heart doesnt really spike or make a 'bow' ) so they going to do an ultrasound that checks amniotic fluid breathing and some other stuff.. Nurse said they think maybe hes grabbing or pinching his cord.