Sister in law just snapped on me..

Destiny • 1 baby boy 1-18-17
Just a rant and needed to vent...So my sister in law was over at our house just visiting and I was sitting there feeling very sick I looked over at my husband and said "I love our baby dearly but I hate being pregnant!" and as he walked to the car to find my morning sickness drop things she told me I was going to be a Horrible mother and that I clearly don't love my baby if I hate carrying it carrying and that I'm making all this stuff up to make my husband tend to me hand and foot (which he doesn't because he works from 3am to 530 pm every day). I then started to bawl my eyes out ran to the bathroom and started throwing up... I've had a very hard first pregnancy. I've been hospitalized twice I throw up all through the night and all day long. There's only a few foods that don't make me sick. Seeing foods on tv makes me sick. Smelling certain foods makes me sick. Shit just writing about food is making me sick! It's been really rough plus I have 0 energy 24/7 and my emotions are everywhere!!! She has 2 kids and had both very easy pregnancies. I talked to my husband about it and he was pretty furious about what she said to me. He spoke to her and she lied and said she didn't say anything like that he took my side of course but she's getting ridiculous. I'm not faking I wish I could enjoy this but I hate being pregnant does that means I won't love my baby as much as a women that loves being pregnant?