Tips to help kick start labor 😊

Hello ladies! I am currently 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant with no dialation what so ever. These past few weeks when checking my cervix, my doctor says she can barely feel a head. Its as if my baby hasn't even dropped 😩 My doctor tried inducing me with cervidil yesterday which didn't do much (only gave me contractions which were painless). She offered me a c section but that's what we've been trying to avoid so I'm going to take that route as my last resort.

I am scheduled to go back Tuesday for another round of cervidil and then to get petocin and if all goes well she'll break my water.

I was told to go in if anything happens until then, so I came here to ask for anyone's help/tips on naturally jumpstarting labor. I am desperate and willing to try anything!

Thanks for your helpπŸ˜‡