I hate my neighbor

Angie • I'm a feminist/ally/cat lady/theatre geek/Disney child/thalassophile who is in love with her bf❤
I've had history with the girl next door. She dated and is still dating one of my roommates. We were bffs and she used to live with us, but then she got super drunk one night and told me she hated me and never liked me, began insulting my boyfriend and everyone in the house. I also found out all the shit she was saying about me and everyone else behind our backs. We kicked her out, made a rule that she's not allowed in the house anymore. She started comin around again and now she lives next door with 3 other people I really don't care for. I still can't stand her. How do I get over it?? I'm not petty and I don't have feelings for her boyfriend. I just know how shitty she truly is and I'm uncomfortable with her being right the fuck there. And her roommate keeps parking in my spot! I don't want to be consumed by this. It's not worth it.