What are your views on breast pumping at work?

I wanted to make something i saw into a poll because I feel you get more participations from people with a poll. As the question above asks what is your view? The question in bold black at the top is the poll question so you answer that one. These are just to clarify what I mean. Working mothers that breastfeed need to keep their supply up so they have to pump at work. So do you think that those extra breaks they need should be paid for even though they aren't working? Do you think they should get those extra breaks but not be paid because they aren't working? Do you think they shouldnt get extra breaks at all? And no, this isn't about laws but your own personal opinion. I know each state has different laws about the situation but I'm just wanting personal views and opinions. What's my opinion? Of course they should get extra breaks, but if they arent working and doing the job they are hired for they shouldnt get paid for it. I don't think it's okay a person sitting down doing almost nothing (yes I know breast pumping can be hard work but considering its not the job your hired for it doesn't count to me) should get paid the same amount as someone on their feet working their butt off. I think they should clock out, pump, clock back in.

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