Can someone please give me advice

Sorry for the paragraph I just want to get it out.

so I am thinking this aweful thing going on with me is hormonal because it started one day at the biginning of PMS, I had only had PMS once before, but this time it was much worse I had crying all the time, aweful mood swings, the mood swings are even about my relationship, one moment I'm happy and in love, the next I feel like I can't really love him and we aren't actually right for each other, also I feel mildy depressed about life on general, I'm just not my usual happy positive self and I hate it, it wasn't even confined to PMS time it went through the whole month, but wasn't quite as strong, and now I'm on my second PMS with this and its hell. last night I had spotting is that part of it? Do you think hormones? Of not what? Also I'm 17 and was taking antibiotics for 10 days during the month

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