Even though you honestly dont deserve it.

Even though you don't deserve it, I was raised better then to stoop to your level! Happy father's day to be even though you want to sign off as a father to our beautiful little girl and handsome little man. They will be perfectly fine with out you in there lifes and I will always tell them and show them how to love and to never walk away from something they may have or not done wrong, they will learn from any and all mistakes no matter the conequences... something you and your family clearly never learned. I promise you our little ones will be strong and loving, independent, respectful, and determined something you were clearly not brought up to know even towards you in mind and words. Though you walked away in April and still haven't tried to be apart of their lifes and I dont expect you too, they will be raised right! So any way happy fathers day to the sperm donar "man" that helped me start our family!