Rude people!

Gotta vent.
Last night I went to a bridal shower and as I was leaving, 3 ladies asked what my due date was. I told them October...and the comments started..
"Oh my gosh!! I thought you were about to give birth!"
"You are way too big at your stage!"
"You still have so long to go and look how huge you are!"
Seriously. WTF. I'm only 22 weeks and the comments already started. This is my second pregnancy and I got the same comments with that one but they didn't start this early. I actually kept my cool because I didn't want to cause a scene at my friend's bridal shower. But just like with my first, there are only so many of those comments I can take before I start making rude comments right back.
The comments are always from other women and it's just mind boggling that they don't realize how rude it is! Seriously, what woman likes hearing how huge they are??? NOT ONE. So what about being pregnant makes it ok to say those things? I obviously will never fit the "cute pregnant lady" category, but what's important to me is whether or not my baby is healthy...not that I don't fit other's expectations of what size I should be. 
Edit: I forgot to add that they also said I "must be having twins." 😒