It's official, I'm crazy.

CD: 40
DPO: 24
Period: 9 days late. 
I am just going insane, the last time I tested was Thursday and I got a vvvvfl on a "First Response" Pregnancy Test with my first morning urine, went to the doctor that same day took another one when I got there that same day & got a negative. She says I'm not pregnant maybe it's just stress. I have never in the history of history ever been this late on my period, I feel so different my breasts are killing me, I can't even have anyone hug me, my back hurts sometimes, I'm very emotional, been craving weird things. Like I have all the symptoms. So today on Father's Day I decided to test again this morning and I got another vvvvfl... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! I'm confused am I or not? Called my doctor and told her everything she scheduled me for an ultrasound on Monday (Tomorrow) so my question is.... Has anyone else gotten anything like this? Do you see the vvvvvfl that I'm taking about ? (honestly you can see it better in person.)