Please tell me if my feelings are justified.

I am so upset right now. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and beyond stressed. We rented a larger place last week... moved everything in Wednesday and started staying there. Since we moved in I've been sick, throwing up, can't eat, keeping a headache, etc. Well the first night we realized this beautiful historical home has a bat problem... and that's what it's making me sick. So needless to say, we have to move. The bats will literally attack you if you step out on the porch at night. Anyway, my husband's half brother came yesterday and spent the night (just to see us as he was headed to Florida). He lives in Kentucky, we live in south Georgia. We've only met him twice and the first time was at their dad's funeral in January. They literally decided in 2 minutes that they wanted to get tattoos in memory of their dad, which was fine with me. But then my husband's brother decided it had to be done today since it's Father's day.... no tattoo shop is open around here on Sundays. So they decided they would pack up and go 3 1/2 hours away to Panama City Beach and get tattoos there at a place that's open today and just stay the night at a hotel. I'm so upset, my husband said "you can come"... no, I can't. We've got to get this house packed back up, we've got 10 days to find another place to live and move. My husband thinks it's just pregnancy hormones that I'm upset, someone please tell me I have a legitimate reason to be upset. If we didn't have so much going on, I wouldn't of minded going, I would of actually enjoyed it. But this house won't pack itself back up, I've got to do it. We've got to find a new place and we can't find one if we are out of town. Ughh... So much for spending Father's Day with my husband.
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