First real baby related argument.

Rachael • I'm a 34 year old RN and mother of three (soon to be four). Kinda feel like a 1st time mom, since my youngest is 12!
So I will preface this by saying that this is my 4th child, his first. I feel like something that creates a bone of contention because I do sorta feel like he doesn't know much about having babies, and he feels that I think I know it all. 
So the nursery isn't started. The room is still the awful shade of weird dark gray/green. I don't even know how to describe the color. It's atrocious. There is a queen sized box spring in there (my daughter has a platform bed so she only needs to mattress). There are drapes from every room in the house. There is a glider and ottoman (that I got used for $30! Score!). There are paint supplies from the other rooms that got painted. Basically it's a catch all for everything. 
So last night I was surfing Letgo (the app for selling used stuff in your area). There was a 3 in 1 convertible crib and matching dresser/changing table. Looks (from the pictures) like it is in good condition. They are asking $400 for the set. Now if you have looked, just the crib like that alone is usually $300-400, and the dresser/changing table is another $400. So to me, this is a good deal. And so I send the SO a picture of the ad. 
He got all kinda of shitty about it. "It's not a good deal because it's used" and "she said very clearly that it has a couple scratches on it, so it's probably beat to hell" wtf? 
He proceeds to tell me all about how I "want everything NOW NOW NOW" and he prefers to wait. 
I'm freaking 28 weeks pregnant. How much longer should we wait?! 12 weeks seems like a decent amount of time, but aside from the glider, we have nothing. Except a couple outfits. 
I'm just frustrated and a little hurt I guess. He absolutely implied that I'm being demanding, but I don't think that I am. Do I expect him to pay for these things? Absolutely I do. I pay for all of the household bills and expenses. He makes almost exactly what I make. So his entire paycheck is basically free and clear money. 
Am I being unreasonable that I want to start getting the nursery put together?