My fiancé is invited on a bachelorette weekend....

So I don't even know how to properly describe this relationship him and his close girl friend have. I'm not jealous of it nor do I think something more is going on. I am fine that she asked him to be a part of her bridal party but I am pretty upset that he was invited on the bachelorette weekend trip and he is thinking about going. I am probably about 25% jealous he will be with about 12 beautiful women for a long weekend and about 75% upset about the extra financial stress this puts on us right before our wedding. Our wedding is next March and we are paying for about 50% of the wedding (because it is such a large wedding with 400 people invited) we have another friend getting married a few weeks after and then this girl is getting married the week following. So my fiancé is in 3 weddings within a 5 week span with two bachelor trips (both fishing trips), one of which is ours wedding. Am I being too jealous or crazy about money? I feel bad but I feel like we are already overextending ourselves financially with the wedding and two bachelor trips and I don't want to start this marriage worrying about money and we have tried really hard to cash flow everything and not use credit cards. 
I need some advice or someone to just tell me I am being crazy or normal. 
I don't understand why he is invited either. We live in a small tight community and that's fine at first when they mentioned it I thought it was a joke and laughed 
Again it's more so about the money, I feel like him picking a bachelor trip over a bachelorette trip makes more sense. So I am not sure about the comment about why he would pick his good male friends over the girls trip if we are worried about money.