Uterine/Cervical Duplication aka Uterus Didelphys

I have uterine duplication (aka Uterus Didelphys) and was wondering if anyone else here has the same? This means I have two uteruses (as if being pregnant isn't an alien enough experience on its own...) and I also have two cervixes, one per uterus. This isn't common, obviously, but also not super rare. My doctor said it's likely genetic, which I kind of already knew because my mom has the cervical duplication, but not the uterine duplication. 
My pregnancy is in the right side, and I'm due in a week! No complications thus far, but curious about anyone else's experiences? 
P.S. My husband calls my left uterus "the show room" 😂 He says its like baby girl is in a two bedroom apartment, but she just can't get into the other side.