Christianity vs. Atheists

NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BASH ANYONE! But I see a lot of atheists groups on here, and its not very common that I'm around ppl who say proudly that they don't believe in God, and I've always been curious, so I have questions for atheists. I am a Christian, and I believe in God. Yes, I agree that there a lot of false prophets and ppl who try to force their religions upon others (the bible, KJV, even talks about this) but how do you atheists really feel about Judgment Day? At some point we all have to leave this earth, so do you all not care at all about what happens after earth? Are you just gonna take your chances and find out after death? I was on another social site once where ppl were saying that if God was real then why would he let terrorism and etc happen. I honestly feel like terrorism is a part of life. Back in the bible days criminals, etc were persecuted and so was Jesus and others who believed in him, so what makes us think that we are exempt from having bad things happen to us or around us? And lastly, there are just some things that humans can't create. I know a lot of ppl believe in Scientology, but there always suspicions and flaws in that. The bible is the only book that was written thousands of years ago, that speaks of everything happening today and so far no flaw or lie has been found in it. The bible spoke of technology, helicopters, lbgt's, crime, and even 666 when no one will be able to purchase without denying Christ. I mean how could this book be so accurate? How do you explain the writers of the bible predicting all of these things we know see as true or knowing about helicopters etc if it didn't exist then? Just curious..