Tough day ahead


Tomorrow it's a year ago i had my 20wk anomoly scan and the worse day of my life as i found out my little boy was growing angel wings and too good for earth.

Tomorrow i have my 12 week detailed scan at the same time and same hospital exactly a year to the day and time. I couldn't get appointment or time moved. I am sick with nerves today feeling so ill. Im dreading this scan as they will be informing me wether baby has all organs present and blood supply to them. I just don't know how im facing this scan tomorrow and im in a right mess over it been crying all day. No one seems to understand my fear and upset. My SO tells me im just being really silly which isn't helping. Does anyone understand or am i being stupid here? Anyone been through the same and how did you face it? Im literally petrified of walking in that scanning room. Doesn't help im feeling so rough with sickness today and i'm just not coping well. Thanks for replies in advance it will be much appreciated.