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I called my doctors office this morning with questions about contractions. When I called the hospital last night they wanted me to come in to be checked out, however I didn't feel that the pain (or lack there of) would be enough to keep me and I refuse to go up there again only to come back without my son in my arms. It too heartbreaking for my husband and I.  😞
I talked to my doctor's nurse a bit after 10am, it's now after 2pm. This IMO is getting a little idiotic... It's a ten minute conversation. I mean, really? I understand that folks get busy, but I know for a fact that he's not a super busy doctor. 
I'm wondering if his nurse has even bothered to tell him I called. I've had issues with her for the last two months. 
What do y'all think? Do you usually have to wait this long for a call back?