I HATE my in-laws!

So, my husband and I have been married for close to a year now, and we are expecting a baby girl this September. He was married before for a few years and has a 4 year-old daughter from that relationship, the ex-wife and him are not on speaking terms as she is a crazy botch and always tries to start drama because she is still bitter. Whatever. But my in-laws are freaking obsessed with her. They still have pictures of her up in the house. Even some of her with her boyfriend, who she cheated on my husband with, and then left him for! They claim her new baby that she had with this home wrecking skeeze as their grandchild, while never ever even pretending to care about my baby, which is ACTUALLY their grandchild. My husband has brought it up to his mother before about how this makes us feel, she got pissed off and told him to shut up. Told ME that his ex-wife will always be a part of their lives and I need to get over it, when I didn't say a single word about it. After that we just kinda dropped it. But I just found out that they had the ex and her boyfriend over for father's day yesterday, and I'm so pissed off. They never invite us to do anything. They only pretend to care when they need to look good in front of people. I am so sick of staying quiet! What should I do?? My daughter is going to suffer when she gets older and realizes her paternal grandparents don't care about her.