Sickness at work

I'm 9w today and have been so sick at work lately that I've had to take days off and leave early a few times. I've been taking nausea meds and everything but I'm not sleeping well and when I'm at work it's so hard to do my job. I know that most places have FMLA and LOA options but are usually used when the mother gives birth and time with the baby. Would it be unusual to take a leave from work for something like severe nausea early in the pegnancy? I have an appointment this Thursday with my OB and I wanted to discuss the possibility of taking some time off work but I don't want to sound ridiculous for asking just because of nausea. I feel like I'm being a huge baby about this morning sickness because I know many women still deal with it and go to work but I just can't focus on anything without having to hide in another room and breathing profusely above the trash can trying not to puke. It's not fair to my coworkers who are there to work while I'm hiding in the back half the time. Anyone have experience taking time off for this reason?