It leaked

Me and my boyfriend used a condom but when we finished we saw that his cum had leaked out all at the base of the condom. I always stay on top and ride him for a few seconds more after he cums so he's worried. (Sorry for the TMI) . I told him we didn't have anything to worry about because it was no big deal since it leaked through the bottom. I just wanted to know should I be worried or do you think Im fine because he keeps asking me about it since I'm starting to sleep a lot more. Been sleeping off and on for the past 2 days. I told him I'm tired because I'm stressed about other things and I always get slightly sleepy when my period is about to start. We just haven't been at work. but he's starting to make me slightly doubt that I'm right .. It was during ovulation. Period comes on in 3 days. What do you guys think ?