I want to cry ! 😭

I hate social media, my unborn child's grandmother posts about how other parents bash, and chose to not allow kids to see other parent. And how it's the other parent who's a "deadbeat" and that every child needs there parent (s). I'm just reading it feeling horrible why idk because I'm trying and trying to have my child's other parent involved, and the other half of family. What am I chopped liver ? I'm here trying so what does that make me? Your going against what your posting !! I've been debating on messaging his other children's parents and talking with them. And he DOESN'T SEE THEM! Because I'd love my child to know his siblings, but I'm a pussy when it comes to that kind of stuff. Why I don't know used to have a big mouth and would say what's needed to be said. I don't want to ask for his "blessing" I messaged the other day said hey, I got baby bag ready, cute little pjs "sent a picture" and I said he'll be here in a month and a half ! I get IGNORED ! now I'm done !

Sorry so long, do you think I have a right to feel kinda upset ? Should I message parents ??