Mrs. Abigail Romo • 24 y/o with a 4 y/o daughter. Very happily married to my best friend for over 1 year now.... Pansexual. We're just waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel (my baby boy, Emiliano Tomas Romo) 😍

So last night I dreamed about eating KFC. I was so looking forward to it today. Woke up early to pick up my husband from work, then we waited to eat so that we could have KFC at 10am.

We get there, at 10am, and the doors are locked. 😑 So, we stand outside and wait... 10 minutes go by. Finally someone comes to the door. I'm so ready to eat by now I feel like my stomach is eating itself 😂... She says "I'm sorry, we're running really behind today. We won't be opening until 11am."


I almost cried. I didn't, but almost! I had my heart set on that fried chicken and hot sauce. 💔

We ended up going to Wendy's, and it was okay, but I still wish I could have had KFC... Maybe for dinner 😂