Would you if you could


Ok obuvi I know the right answer to this question..but I want to know if you could and no back lady or neg would happen..ok so I found this very sexy Asian intrested in a FWB..he says he got a 2yr already and by the end of this yr he wants to clip himself so no more baby making..I told him I charted my self as a way to keep track of my self..so would you if you could

Not exactly tell him when the right days are..I mean even charging isn't 100% safe so..but it's not like I'd go hunt him down later and be like DAMN were the money.. And it not like I'd do it to try and trap him..

Or would you if you could just be the best friend in the FWB..in hopes of as time goes on..feelings catch and it turns to more than just FWB..

Cuz I'm starting to think my approach is all wrong. I used to think that dating love. Sex marriage is how it went.. But the older I get the more it seems like sex date love