teared while having sex

madeline • 17
 someone help me. me and my boyfriend had sex on thursday(23rd) we were in a meadow, it was really, really romantic and lovely. we started making out, which lead from one thing to another, in my head i was so ready for him but my body was not, he entered me and it hurt (we havent had sex in about 3 months) so thats why i thought it hurt, also it was hot and sweaty outside. i moved my legs up hoping it would be easier for him to go in but it hurt even more, he looked down and there was blood on my panties, we didnt get completely naked so i just pushed my panties to the side. he said "baby i think we should stop, i dont want to hurt you" when i stood up it felt weird, like when i lost my virginity weird, i thought it was just because we didnt do anything in a while. he took me home so i could shower and change, i look down there using a mirror to see that it tore, its a small tear, this has never happened to me, i'm honestly a little freaked out by all of this, i looked it up and it said it would heal all by itself but it is now sunday (26th) and it is still the same, its not bleeding it just hurts when i lift up my legs, i dont know what to tell my mom, do i have to tell her? i'm on bc so i feel like she obviously knows i have sex. its just embarrassing. how do i clean it? i dont want it to get infected and i also dont want to put any medicine that would cause a yeast infection or irritate my vagina, its below the hymen on the labia majora. it doesn't hurt to use the restroom. please help me.