Nasonex during pregnancy ?

I am completely miserable. I have watery itchy eyes. Sinus headache and pressure and that stinging feeling that makes me want to rub my face off. I can't breathe out of my nose which is horrible because I can barely breathe anyway. My throat is swollen and irritated which makes me cough and irritates it even more. Otc allergy meds don't work at all and I had a bad reaction to singular in the past. I'm 38+4 and I don't want to bring my baby in the world feeling like this. Pre pregnancy I took fluticasone proprionate aka Nasonex and that worked wonders, my daughter gets allergies similar to mine and they prescribed it to her and she's two. I looked up the side effects and it's category c because it caused birth defects (cleft palate) and low birth weight in rats but doctors would still prescribe it if the benefits outweighed the risks. I'm just about due I have a fully grown baby just putting on weight. It sounds more like this medication is more dangerous in early pregnancy and I definitely feel like the benefits out weigh the risks. Should I take it or just suffer until after my baby girl gets here ? 

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