8cm mass on ovary. Im scared... anybody else been through this?


I am only 20y.o. ive been diagnosed with pcos since i was 16.. so i know what pcos pain is. Last sunday my husband and i were having sex (i was ovulating) and we have been ttc for the past two years. About an hour after i had THE WORST PAIN i have ever had in my entire life. But i knew it was pr9bably a cyst that ruptured and did not want an ER bill. The pain subsided after about 24hrs to a 5/10 on a pain scale. I did call my obgyn but they got bought out by another company who SUCKS and said they cant get me in until august. I went about my week and come saturday i had a large dog jump on me. I work with dogs so this is normal. But i felt that intense pain again and ccouldnt walk. I threw up a few times. Left work to go to urgent care to see what they thought and they touched my belly one time and said that i need to go to the ER right away. I got the the ER and i live in a small town so they really cant do much at this hospital. They did an ultrasound. Of course i had about 10 2cm cysts on each ovary... thats normal with pcos. I also had 4 4.5 cm on my right ovary that had normal blood flow so they are probably just fluid filled. On my left ovary they saw an 8cm "mass" which has no bloodflow. They these large masses/cysts were torsing my ovaries and killing them.They also said they are pretty positive i have endometriosis from other growths they could see. Oh an there was also free fluid in my abdomen. They told me they do not do removals there in the hospital and since this is an ongoing thing they want me to go to my OB. HOPEFULLY i will be able to get in for an emergency visit because this pain is unbearable and being a mom is so important to me. I cant loose my ovaries. I am also worried that it could be ovarian cancer... since they were so vauge on what the 8cm mass is. I want to get these removed asap because i cant go back to work until this is all taken care of. And if they rupture...thats gonna suck.

Has anybody else had to go through this surgery??? I feel so scared.