I can't wipe front to back?

This is really hard for me to explain, but I'm gonna try my best.
I can't wipe front to back (starting where my clit is, and going towards my butt)
But I have to wipe from back to front (starting near my butt, and wiping upward to where my clit is)
The reason I can't do this is because, when I wipe front to back, it's pushing the toilet paper forward instead of pulling it like I would be when I do it back to front. And when I push the toilet paper, it kind of pushes my labia over the opening (my vagina, utethra area, the part that I'm wiping the pee off of) and so it's just like I'm wiping the top of my labia and not actually wiping the pee off.. If that makes sense.. 
And I can't wipe from front to back and pull the toilet paper rather than pushing it. Because I would have to either, A) reach my arm in between my legs which I cannot do and even if I could I wouldn't want to because I would likely end up getting pee on my hand and I would also have to turn my hand in a weird way, or, B) reaching my arm behind (in the way that you do when you wipe your ass) which I cannot do because my arm doesn't reach that far.
So.. I just can't wipe from front to back! I always get bladder infections and UTI's, and I think that this may play a part in it. Someone please help me with this.