Does this turn you on too?

Nia • |18|
So it was late at night, maybe 10 or 11 , and me and my boyfriend were getting a little freaky outside (we like to be adventurous if you would say) and I'm sitting on the back of the car and we're just talking and a few kisses and then he whispers .. The things I'm about to do to you.. And I'm like what are they?( at this time I'm like OKAY DADDY 😂) and he goes well..( in a deep little cute voice)  I'm going to kiss you. Then pick you up and lie you down. As I lie you down I'm going to go down on you and make sure you're loving every bit. ( I'm like take me tf away please I'm ready😂) And then he said "and finally I'm going to make love to you" and freaking giggled after 😭😂 he's literally the cutest ever lol and it was all such a turn on ❤️