Sudden Nausea Swelling and Pain

Hello. This is going to be my first post. I am a FTM, 36 weeks this Tuesday, and I've recently experienced sudden nausea and cramping since yesterday. I'm swelling as well, seems normal, but my ankles seem more swollen and my hands and area around my eyes are getting swollen as well and that hasn't happened during my pregnancy. I've had an uncomfortable time with my vision as well and by that I mean it makes me nauseous if I focus on something or sometimes I have to blink a couple times before I see what I want to see, it's quite frustrating. My next appointment is Tuesday so I don't want to call my DR unless absolutely necessary! I have no bleeding, just a bit more clear/white discharge. I do have BH but they are normal! Only pain I have is on my right side ribs and on my shoulders and back through out the day and night and baby is moving normally.  Any advice please? Any input from experienced mommies or other FTM would be much appreciated. Thank you.