Abusive husband

My husband has been super controlling since we have been together but I've overlooked it because I loved spending time with him but every time I've tried to hang out with girl friends their is repercussions but he's suppose to be able to do whatever. When we fight he always just leaves for hours and comes back late at night and I usually lock the bedroom door bevauSe I'm just over it and wanna be by myself (I've always been the one kicked out of the room and end up on the couch). We'll he freaks out calls me a child when I do that so I didn't this time we fought, he comes home and locks me out of the room like seriously ? (We fought becauSe we were driving home after a good hike and I said can we go to Walmart to grab a couple things to make dinner and he didn't want to so I said okay but then he went their anyways because he says I'll "hold it over him" I honestly have NO fucjing
Idea why he says this because I've never done that I get annoyed when he wont go do anything with me for the kids (I.e grocery shopping, clothes) and I can't leave them home with him either otherwise he'll get pissed. Anyways he went to the store and I said it's ok just go home I'll come back later and he freaked out (mind you we live literally 2 min away from Walmart and it was on the way home from the hike) and was saying I'm stupid and I always do this and I'm the problem in the relationship so by this point I shut down and he just kept at it so I got out of the car and walked home. He took the kids home, LEFT THEM and got on his motorcycle and left. Well he just got home and locked me out then came outside to get his dog and then came out of the room and
Through his phone at my face (it hit me in the throat) and started saying how pathetic I was and how I was just like his ex wife (who has withheld the kids from him for 2 years now) and has literally set out to destroy anything good in my life.
I don't know how to escape or leave idk what to do. Our last fight he threw me across the garage and when I got up he threw me at my car (after I just had injections into my hips so I was already limping)