Very horrible night.

ERIN • It's a girl! Due winter 2016! ❄️
I just need to vent and have a good cry. I thought I was going to have a happy family. I found out today that bf now ex bf has been cheating. He's been talking to his ex girlfriend and telling her she's the only one that knows how to fuck him and he misses her. He was staying over for the night. I politely asked him to leave and told him we're  done. He flipped out and started threatening me. Telling me to get an abortion because I'm ruining his life. Telling me that I have nothing to live for. That I need this child to give my life meaning. He then broke my bedroom mirror, pushed me around, threw me against walls. I called police but he left before they got here. I filed a report and hoping to   get protection from this maniac. He gave me so much false hope. It was all just a lie.