Sexual Assault

The other day a guy I was dating for almost a week started to get handsy with me and at first I went along with it but then it got past my level of comfort when he started trying to leave hickeys all over my stomach and then he unbuttoned my shorts and stuck his hand in my underwear and he also undid my bra and left a hickey on my boob.  At this point I don't remember if I actually said the word no but I remember saying stop I'm not ready for this and he wouldn't stop. When he got to the point where he was ready to pull out his penis I finally got the strength to force him off me and I left him right then and there in the empty theater we were in.  My question is since I'm 15 and he is 16 and in the state of Georgia the legal consenting age is 16, could this be considered sexual assault not rape but sexual assault and even though I'm not going to bring him to court over this since my parents don't have the money could I in theory legal bring him to court and get him charged with sexual assault?