Okay so im 7wks 6d now I knew my baby father for know more than four months when we first started talking everything was fine for awhile until about a month then I started seeing the real him now he don't drive because he dont have a dL Me or his mama or dad take him back and fourth to work.Anyway to get to the story during the week he don't drink but when sat&sun come he totally changed he's all drunk talking to me anyway doing what he wants to do. I have found condoms hid behind the chair in livingroom one night he never came home until the next morning. Im 31 going on 32 and I never dealt with a situation like this where im so disrespected and ran over. My mama think ever is fine because I don't tell her anything only because we never been close where I can talk to her so thats why I take alot of stuff from man because I never had a morher or father that talked to me about anything I learned myself now im pregnant by this disrespectful drunk I feel trap. I tell him and talk to him and every weekand is the same thing. Im stressing like crazy I don't trust him im falling out of love with him just because he treats me like sh*t. But mon thru fri he's a totally diff person he handle bills with no problem but he throws it up in my face every weekand help me guys need advice😢😢😢😡😡😡😡