Help please - new to this!


Hi everyone! My hubby and I are trying for baby #2 and I was on the Mirena for 3 years. So I bought some of the pink clear blue opk to track and see how I was doing after the Mirena. I'm into my second cycle. Glow originally said my fertile window would start today.

I've been testing morning with a negative.. Well yesterday morning I forgot to test so I waited all day to make sure I had at least 4 hours with our urinating so I tested about 530 and got my first smiley! However this morning at 7am I got an empty circle.. So do i have a short window? Did I already ovulate? We BD Saturday night so the day before I got the smiley just not sure if this cycle is now over or what?

Thanks for any insight!

*update tested again at 1140am and got another smile but this morning was just a circle.. This is so confusing! Lol