Lactation consultant discouraging :(

So at my last lactation appointment at 2 months she made a comment that I found so discouraging! I haven't been able to produce enough milk for baby, we've been supplementing since day 1 with formula. I see the consultant often, tried everything to increase supply. I told her how much formula he gets daily and she said "Well he's getting at least half breast milk so you're not just wasting your time. He won't get any benefits if half of the milk isn't breast milk". Welll fast forward a few weeks and he's not getting half breast milk anymore no matter how hard I try. So, am I just wasting my time? It doesn't even matter if he gets any breast milk because it's not at least half? I thought anything was better than nothing, but according to this woman it's just a waste. Any advice because I'm so discouraged at this point I just want to stop with the vitamins and the pumping and the lactation appointments. Please help!