How to pass 3 hour glucose test. πŸ€”πŸ˜•

I failed my 1 hour:/ my docs nurse told me they found something abnormal with my results so I have to take the 3 hour test. I have instructions for 3 days prior, to eat a diet including at least 150 grams of carbs a day (equaling approximately 10 servings of carbs). So everything that I shouldn't eat she told me to eat it lol rice bread pasta etc. Every meal should contain 50% carbs, I should have at least 3 meals a day and bedtime snack. I am to fast 8 hours before my test and avoid caffeine, chocolate, tea, soda, coffee and mild excessive isn't permitted. Is there any advice you ladies have? My goal is to pass really lol I heard cinnamon helps somehow. Should I bring a snack for after my last blood draw? Can I drink water during this test? please comment below and help me out !! ..PLEASE ...LOL THANKS LADIES!