Feeling fine before delivery.

I think we all have it differently. I think I was lucky when it comes to the birth of my son... I understand some people have pains, and back aches and symptoms that creates ailments. Yet what about those who haven't had those pains... How did you go about your birth. I mean I was looking for work before my son came I literally sat in front of the computer and did work. But no pain. My water broke a little talked to my sister to drive me to the hospital and got hooked up but they had to induce my labor... God I felt like I had to take a dump. It's enough I had issues with irritable bowl syndrome. But to me that's what it felt like I promised myself I will never have another kid again... Let's see how long that would last. (Giving birth) 
Anybody else have any painless beginning of birth stories? Until the doctors induced you ? 
This is now at 5 months 7 days... I find his sleeping position funny.