Q about Plan B and Periods

So exactly a week ago me and this guy had unexpected unprotected sex.  He was cautious during it trying not to cum in me during because we didn't have a condom. When he finally did cum, he pulled out so he didn't cum in me. I know about pre-cum and that whole deal and how pulling out isn't 100% effective in avoiding pregnancy and so did he. He suggested the Plan B pill immediately after. Of course I agreed and we were on our way to get it. It was early morning like 12:30-1AM and no stores were open! Ah! We again went to the store the next afternoon knowing that the sooner you take it, the better results you get. I ended up taking it at around 4 PM the next day. Phew. I got some nausea and a headache but I dealt with it. Then today, a week after the unprotected sex, 6 days after the pill, I was spotting. It hasn't stop! I'm thinking it might be my period but I'm supposed to get that in like two weeks! The app said about 11hrs ago that today I'm supposed to ovulate (isn't that when the egg is released?) and I'm wondering if the Plan B pill worked and gave me my period early BECAUSE I ovulated today. Please help. Thanks in advance. I really wanna know so I could let the guy know as well.