My bf is the worst..

So my SO doesn't do anything for me.. He says he supports me and this and that but were roommates together, we both bringing money to the table and equally contribute so how is he supporting me? Anyways, he doesn't say sweet things to me, he doesn't tell me I'm pretty or beautiful even if I dress up for him. He barely ever has sex with me and when I ask he sighs like its a bother to him and like he can't even sit to get it over with. Last night I worked a double shift in terrible shoes with no sole and my feet were killing me by eleven at night. I was almost in tears and I told him about it and he says "I'm sorry" and then continues to watch tv. If I get off before him I will clean the house spotless and he walks in and gets undressed and his clothes are on the floor yet he will not even acknowledge he clean house. Last night when I got off, he bitched at me because he had to wait in the parking lot for fifteen minutes. No "how was your day?". No "was work good today?". Nothing. Like how shortly can you be? 🙄🙄🙄 and he knows what all I'm unhappy about and makes no effort to change damn near.